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"Stop going as hard as you Feel,

Start going as hard as


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Meet Joel

CEO of Pro Level Training | Nat'l Director of

Nike Sports Camps | Motivational speaker

BA in Psychology

After retiring from professional basketball, Joel Green founded Pro Level Training, which has become a 7-figure company. In addition to running PLT, Joel is also a National Director for Nike Sports Camps, has been the face of Cheez-it crackers and is an accomplished speaker that has been fortunate to speak to thousands and also deliver his very own TED Talk.

"Joel Green spoke to the high school students of West Windsor-Plainsboro on the ideas of perseverance, goal setting, and connections with others.  Due to COVID, Joel spoke to students in a webinar format and was able to connect with hundreds of students because of his ability to be vulnerable, share experiences, tell stories, and respond to student questions and comments.  Joel comes to the presentation with a background in sports, specifically basketball, yet when you leave you feel a connection and want to make the world a better place through his stories of connections with others and becoming all that you are meant to be.  Joel is sure to motivate, excite and connect with his audience."

Jessica Cincotta

Assitant Principal, High School North

I also loved how you bring up how you need to look at the positives within negatives, this is an extremely big moral of mine as well. Like everyone, I have fought my problems as well, from family issues with tons of fighting around my house and divorce and separation always being in the question and happening at what point when I was a kid, to at times not knowing if I would have a roof over my head at night, which also, happened at a point. But, with a positive mindset, we fought to get every opportunity we have. Which was something I specifically found in you too and thoroughly enjoyed that quality. 

Nick W.

High School Student

What up Joel, I was attending ur webinar today n man, the stories n knowledge u shared was nothing but inspirational and informative. I loved the Kobe story (rip to the mamba) and hearing about the path you walked to achieve success only strengthens my own ideology that it doesn’t matter where you’re at in life right now, because nothings set in stone, and as long as I can do something about it, I will. You grew up in a bando (abandoned house) and now look at u. I want to be just like you in that way and attain a level of success that reflects my ambition and determination in fulfilling my own goals. You were dealt a hand and played those cards right and that’s why I resonated with your session so much. Thank you for takin the time to come in and speak to our district 💯


High School Student

I have to thank you so much Mr.Green for invigorating my junior year. I started the year having major doubts about how it's gonna go and how well I'm going to perform. Hearing your speech empowered me to push harder to show up everyday. Since the weeks after our initial Neck Tie Tuesday, a new test has kept me on my feet and the words that you told us in my head. Each day new challenges arise and all I hear is “just show up”. Specifically for me, I have to work late hours working as an SA or on campus. Working a 3-6 am shift and then having a morning class makes you too tired to go on, but your words motivate me to show up and do the best in all aspects of my life.

Ammiel Moses

Montclair State University

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