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Every Pain has

a Purpose

Joel Green

CEO of Pro Level Training | Nat'l Director of

Nike Sports Camps | Motivational speaker

BA in Psychology

After retiring from professional basketball, Joel Green founded Pro Level Training, which has become a 7-figure company. In addition to running PLT, Joel is also a National Director for Nike Sports Camps, and is an accomplished speaker that has been fortunate to speak to thousands and also deliver his very own TED Talk.

Even with diligent focus on his family and business, Joel also finds time for professional sports/fitness modeling & acting. This has allowed him to be featured in multiple commercials, ads and even a spot on a TV show. He was recently the face of Cheez-It crackers Celebrity Crunch Classic campaign, in which he was solely featured on millions of the brands snack boxes. This was along with features on Famous Amos cookies, Rice Crispy Treats and Pringles packages.

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Being a book enthusiast, Joel recently completed reading 30 books in 30 weeks, which was a goal he knows will be of great benefit to the success of his family, community, and business. In February of 2021, he was honored to deliver his very own TED Talk. He loves speaking to audiences, teaching them how to live up to their full potential and accomplish the dreams, desires and goals they’ve set for themselves. Many of the same messages that will be seen within the pages of his first book that he plans to have published in 2022. His ultimate goal is to inspire others with his words and motivate them through his actions. He attests his exceptional work ethic to his unwavering faith in God and passionate desire for excellence. He has unflinchingly put in 18-20-hour days with great joy, just to make his dreams a physical manifestation. This passion has allowed him to stay focused and persevere through many difficulties and life challenges over the years. He strategically takes on amazing feats, never fearing the possibility of failure. This is what separates him from the pack.

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