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“What if you could receive in the present, what hindsight reveals in the future?”

Joel Green uncovers his trials, triumphs, and the lessons he extracted using a unique method referred to as Filtering. This is the process of extracting the good and essential from our daily occurrences. Instead of continuing to emotionally react to life, you will learn to intelligently respond to it. Utilizing this method will help readers resolve their problems and not revolve them. The perspectives that will be gained by way of Filtering will be invaluable. You’ll master how to draw out precisely what is meant for you to receive, from all your experiences.

FILTERING: The Way To Extract Strength From The Struggle

  • Invoices will be sent following orders of 25 or more (for your records).

Awe-inspiring, introspective, and insightful...

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Changing Minds & Lives

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